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Energy raising

Here I have collected some of the things I personally use, when I raise energy. It is quite likely, that when you attempt these the first time, you don't feel a thing, but as you gain more experience, it might become rather intense.

Energy raising, The glowing hand:
Simply close your eyes and raise your hand in front of your closed eyes. Imagine your hand on a black surface. See the entire hand as well as you can. After you think you have the hang of it, just imagine blue rays of energy seeping from the air to your fingertips. Try to time the drawing with your breathing. Every time you inhale, see the blue light pass to your fingertips, and when you exhale, see it move all around your palm. The more you train, the easier it is to feel the energy.(you can also imagine drawing different substances, like fire, metal or water)

Energy raising, Earthening
Lie down on the floor, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself lying on a silver globe, filled with energy. Now grab the globe(the ground) And draw the energy inside you. Feel your body filling with the silverish power. Bask in it. Feel yourself growing each time you inhale. You can continue this as long as you wish. just open your eyes after you think you had enough

Energy raising, Energy sword.
Stand up straght and close your eyes. Imagine a energy circle on the ground in front of you. Imagine the earths energy raising the circle in to a huge pillar from ground to the sky. Put your hand inside the pillar and feel a blade inside it. Wrap your hands around the sword and take it. The moment you have it in your hands see the pillar fade. Unsheath the sword and raise it towards the sky and yell: "with this sword I draw the energy from the sky!" Shout it if possible. Then thrust it to the ground and yell: "With this sword I draw the energy from the earth!" Take the sword and hold it before you and whisper: "With this sword I draw the energy from the elements!" See the sword fill with energy. Red, blue, yellow and green are the best choices(for me at least). Feel the sword pulse and get warm from the energy and when it reaches its peak, thrust it through your stomach and feel the energy fill you completely.

There are a lot more different techniques, but these I personally find the best. Now lets move to the more difficult area. Holding the energy you have drawn.

So, of course drawing energy is of no use, if you cannot hold it too. Its kind or like a water power plant without the generators. All the power you have, is gained only by drawing and using it immediately. To save you a lot of headache(literally), I have created these exersizes:

Energy holding, Auric Vessel
Now with auric I mean your aura. Everyone has one and the best part is, It´s all around you and it has no holes in it(unless you want to of course).
Sit comfortably and close your eyes, imagine your aura glowing. Feel your aura all around you, sparkling and flowing. As you inhale, draw energy from the ground and as you exhale, move it to your aura, feel it growing in size and brightness as you push energy all around you. Now when it has grown enough, thin it close your skin, feel it tingle as it is powered with energy. You can do this as long as you wish, auras can handle unlimited amouts of energy.

Energy holding, Energy balls
Sit down comfortably again. Close your eyes and make a "ball" with your hands. Now store energy to the empty space between your hands feel it growing as you push energy between them. After you have stored enough, just take the energy and put it in your pocket. Yeah I know it sounds weird, but where else??

Using energy in fights
Did you know that your brain limits the amount of muscle power you can use. This can be changed by few things. Adrenaline is one, and mental energy another. I´ll give you some basic ideas how to use energy to beat the crap out of the poor fool.
Auric vessel. Iron skin
Lets think about this for a while. You have enormous amounts of energy near your skin. Just quickly draw all of it to your muscles, feel your body pulse with energy then just fire away.
Energy Ball, thrust
Here is a nice way to use that pocketed energy. Just take it from your pocket, feel it melting to your fingers and hand. Take some speed and thrust the energy to your opponent.(it helps if you imagine the energy flaming while you strike it, it might even burn him/her a bit)

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