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In the modern society, people often have problems with their confidence. I know I did, you will not become the next James Bond with these exersizes, but will surely help with your confidence.
(The stars next to the exersize imply how difficult it is to execute and how long it takes)

Self-image exersize #1 *:
Close your eyes and imagine a blank card in your hand. Now imagine the person you would want to be in that card. Once you have see the image in the card, throw it high up in the air and imagine millions of copies raining around you to different distances and different sizes, covering your vision all around you. 
(This exersice shoud be done daily, even after you think you have become the person you want)

Self-image exersize #2 **:
Now this one requires a bit more visualisation.
Imagine the person you would like to be in real life.
Example: How would this person act if he/she would talk to the opposite sex. How much would he smile, what he drinks, thinks, is wearing etc. Pay MUCH attention to the details. Now imagine moving behind the person you are imagining and step INSIDE him. Now you are him. You think like him, you talk like him. You ARE him in every possible way.
I suggest you use this together with the card exersize.

Self-image exersize #3 *:
The sweet failure: First of all, what makes us be so afraid of a confrontation? The fear of failure. The dreaded feeling, that our world will end permanently, if we fail. Which in turn, makes us more nervous than we should ever be. Simplest thing to do, in order to avoid this horrifying fate, is to visualize the worst consequence that will happen, use your imagination freely, think of the worst possible outcome. Once you realize that failing really doesn´t end everything, taking risks is not that tough anymore and at the same time, your self-confidence skyrockets.

Of course, these are just some small aids in raising your confidence, If you wish to learn more about raising your confidence, you can buy some books about it here
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Did you know that all of these exersizes are actually self-hypnosis trainings?

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