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Energy raising

Meditation is extremely useful skill. Especially now, when our life is more or less hectic, always going somewhere and almost never stopping to relax for a while. Being always in a hurry, causes stress and meditation is an excellent way to relieve that stress. All you actually have to do, is to lie down and calm your mind. For example imagine that you are a river and all thoughts just float away to the horizon.

Of course meditation is also a great way to raise your mental energy and trance state is usually the mindset we use to create magick. Psychokinesis works well in trance state too.

You can try to use these visualisations, should you find your mind too "active", to calm it down just by sitting:
- Imagine you are a river, which carries all your negative thoughts far away
- Imagine your thoughts as small orbs of light, that float around your aura. As you exhale, see them shoot out to the surrounding universe and breaking into tiny fragments, never bugging anyone ever again.
- With your eyes closed, try to see through the  "darkness"

Some people have no trouble calming their minds, usually some music helps. I suggest listening some calming music. Heavy Metal, R n´B and Techno really are not the most useful genres for this one. 
Here is some Meditation music.

Here are also some books about meditation, that I at least have found useful. Not neccesary, but these might help, should you wish to know more.

the meditation expert
60+ products about the occult and meditation.
A very good book teaching all you need to know about meditation

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